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An Intelligent Facebook Messenger Bot To Close Sales

We want you to capitalize on the best way to connect with your customers. For this reason, we have developed a system that allows you to have tailored conversations with thousands fo customers every day, for free. Find out how our system sells directly from Facebook Messenger.

Proven Social Media Marketing & Advertising Campaigns

This is the largest and arguably the most important part of the “5 Step Funnel”. The lens in which people perceive you, your practice and your offerings will ultimately influence the acceptance of your treatment recommendation.

Proven Targeting & Retargeting Strategies

Running an ad is easy. Tactfully following someone around after they click until they schedule is another ball game. Omnipresence is intent and behaviour driven retargeting at its finest.

Custom Landing & Scheduling Pages

Here’s the place where we’ll capture the leads and take them from start to finish. That means scheduling in for your available time slots and showing up for their appointment.

Personalized Email Drip Campaign

More often than not, potential new patients don’t schedule their appointment right away. Tailored emails are a great way to put additional value based pieces of content in front of them, pulling. them one step closer to walking through your front door.

Instant Text Message Drip Campaign

These text message drip campaigns bring the same benefits of email, but with up to 92% open rates. Everyone checks their texts… So why not ensure they see you in their inbox.

Multi- Prong Follow Up Strategies

Take the guess work out of it. Strategic, methodical strategies are what you need. Let us show you what we’ve learned after working with over 100 chiropractors and some of the largest groups in the profession.


Let’s face it… Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. Leverage our industry leading experience as a multiplier for all your marketing needs.