A System Capable Of Selling More Food Online Than You Ever Could In Person.

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In response to SaveHospitality.ca’s Open Letterwe’ve developed an automated order taking system that’s capable of selling more food online that you ever could in person.

With it, we hope (and believe) that Canada’s 92,000 restaurants and bars could sell hundreds of takeout and delivery meals daily; affording many of their previous employees a new job fulfilling contactless deliveries.



#TheGreatCanadianTakeout builds a list of hungry people then automatically remarkets to them (for free) via chatbot, SMS and email campaigns using tailored offers to maximize the value of each customer. 

And, it instantly deposits the funds into your bank account.



In Less Than 60 Seconds

  • We start by asking a few questions to ensure you meet our qualification criteria (must be open and be able to cook, bag & deliver)
  • Accepted applicants will receive an email with our onboarding checklist
  • Once complete, you’ll enter our creation queue 
  • When we’re ready to launch your campaign, you’ll recieve an email.


We’ve committed to help 10% of the foodservice industry get their next 1000 orders for free. 

Here’s what we are offering:

  • A better way to interact with your customers – one without a middleman
  • A virtual waitperson capable of accepting thousands of takeout or delivery meals, daily
  • A way to become more relevant to more people, making driving repeat sales more often
  • Industry low fees more than 400% less than the other guys

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